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Where Vets Board Their Pets

BEACHES is the most outstanding pet boarding centre in North Queensland. Designed especially for the comfort and safety of your pet and surrounded by tropical gardens. BEACHES is a complex that has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where our concerns for individual pets go beyond safety, as they are also about enjoyment. Pets love to play, so while holidaying at BEACHES PET BOARDING in Townsville, we ensure that guests spend their energy in a positive way. Our caring, experienced staff are dedicated to making your pet feel comfortable and happy. Our staff will encourage your pet to participate in daily activities.


For your pet's safety and well being, all guests at BEACHES PET BOARDING TOWNSVILLE, are required to be fully vaccinated and have tick and flea protection. Beaches provide 24 hour onsite management and if necessary your own vet can be on call. As an accredited member of APBG our facilities, staff and training procedures all meet strict criteria and hygiene standards. Beaches maintains an exceptionally clean environment and prides itself on the use of non-toxic chemicals.


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