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Comfortable cats at Beaches Pet Boarding Townsville

At Beaches Pet Boarding Townsville, our specially designed cat suites are:-


- Spacious
- Private
- Complete with fully reverse cycle air conditioning.


All suites have fantastic garden views from the balcony window to watch nature fly by! The suites are tiered to create different levels for the cats to explore and all have climbing ramps along with trampoline beds. Each room is also equipped with a scratching pad.




Beaches Pet Boarding feline guests

All BEACHES PET BOARDING feline guestsreceive plenty of interaction and cuddles from our caring staff when each suite is being thoroughly cleaned. Litter is changed twice daily for pets comfort and hygiene. There are also lots of little add ons, and these include playtime, treats and grooming. LCD televisions play daily midday movies for your pets’ enjoyment. Some popular requests are Cat In The Hat, Garfield and Stuart Little.


Safety and privacy are ensured with each suite having solid partition walls and we guarantee never to house cats from different families together in the same suite. Larger cat families have the option of enjoying our apartment unit which has interconnecting doors depending on availability. Our outdoor play centre for cats is available for even the fussiest of felines to either relax and watch the world go by or to exercise to their hearts content.


Cats have the option of dining on Royal Canin kibble and specially selected ocean fish platters – for the seafood lovers, or meat lovers will be tempted with tender roast beef and chicken pate.


To assist our clients and to provide a safe haven for all our pets, we require, on arrival, the following:-


Your current, original vaccination certificates from your vet
Address and phone number of your preferred vet
Tick and flea prevention


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